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School Information

School Information


It is important that all students arrive at school on time.  Children should not arrive at school no more than 10 minutes before breakfast.  Students who want to eat breakfast should go directly to the cafeteria.  Students who do not wish to eat breakfast will go directly to their classroom and wait quietly until the bell rings.


Breakfast may be eaten in the cafeteria or in the classroom depending on the routines and procedures established by the school.  We will provide guidance for your child on this process.




Class celebrations will be held during the end of the day from 3:15 – 4:00 P.M. (unless otherwise approved by the teacher or the office).  Instructional time always receives a priority when planning for celebrations.  If a celebration is planned, please keep it simple and low key.  ALL treats brought in must be individually wrapped-store bought.




  • Parents will be notified of more serious accidents by the nurse or by the classroom teacher
  • If a child has a temperature of 100 or higher, the child will be sent home and must stay out 24 hours before returning to school
  • Students who vomit at school will also be sent home and should not return until the vomiting ceases for 24 hours
  • The nurse cannot pull teeth, but can let students work with it themselves and provide a case/envelope for lost teeth.
  • Accidents which happen the night or day before cannot really be treated unless it is infected or looks as though it has not been cleaned.
  • Students must have all required immunizations as determined by the Division of Health unless the parent has objected in writing to his school administrator and filled out the required wavier forms.




Parents must sign out students from the office before they may leave the school. When a parent arrives to pick up their child, the office will notify the classroom teacher and the classroom teacher will dismiss the child to the office.  We do not release students unless they the classroom teacher is notified from the office. 


  • When a student is dismissed earlier that regular scheduled time, the parent and or designated adults are required to sign students out under all circumstances.
  • After signed out, students are not to loiter at the entrance or return to their classroom for any reason unless accompanied by their teacher or parent.
  • All bus riders must be accompanied by a teacher as they board the bus.  If a student misses a bus because the teacher was late dismissing the class, the teacher is responsible for contacting the parent and arranging transportation home with the parent. 
  • Bus riders will ride the bus home unless we have a written note from a parent stating they will pick the student after school.  Please communicate this first thing in the morning to the office or to the classroom teacher.   Changes in daily dismissal routines are discouraged and, if they need to occur, should be communicated early and confirmed with the teacher. 
  • All walkers or parent pick-ups should be accompanied by a teacher out of school.  Staff will wait with the students until they have been picked up by a parent or other responsible designated guardian.  If for some reason a student is not picked up, the teacher will need to escort the student to the office to contact someone to pick the student up.




FAS Days are opportunities for teacher/advocate and parent to become partners in their child’s education.  This is a time when advocate and parent have a conversation about the child and goals for the school year.  This is a time when the parent talks as much as the advocate.  Collectively goals will be determined for the school year.  During subsequent conferences advocates update parents regarding their child’s progress toward goals and new goals are set when necessary. 



KIDZONE (Before & After School Program)

Kidzone is a before school, after school, and summer program. Services are also provided during

other out of school times such as spring and winter break, inā€service, and Family Advocacy days.

Kidzone provides quality programming in a safe and fun environment for students. If you have a family interested, please refer them to the office.



USD 500 offers string classes for 4th and 5th grade students for a nominal fee.  Since the arts are a vital part of a child’s education.  We encourage as many students as possible to participate in our strings classes.




To maintain a safe secure campus, all visitors including parents, must report to the office during school hours.  All visitors are required to sign in and wear a visitor’s identification badge.  Every attempt should be made to hold conferences before/after school or during planning time, if necessary.  Parents/Guardians should return to the office to sign out.


Student Expectations  

The following are general expectations for all students.  All teachers will teach and reinforce these expectations consistently.  Parents are asked to review these general expectations with their student and support us as we work to make our school a community of learners.

  • Acknowledge and respect all adults                          
  • Obey all school and classroom rules and follow directions
  • Gum is not permitted at school                                   
  • Fighting is not acceptable
  • Students should not bring toys and games to school     
  • Students are discouraged from bring cell phones to school.   JFK staff is not responsible for storing, securing, or replacing student cell phones that are brought to school, lost, stolen or damaged.  Cell phones seen or heard during the school day may be taken by staff.   Issues related to cell phones that become problematic may result in disciplinary actions.
  • Be polite and considerate to others                                          
  • Follow all bus safety rules
  • Observe the one way hall to traffic flow pattern to avoid jams
  • Walk to the right and quietly in the hallways at all times
  • Students are not to damage hallway displays or make scuff marks on the floor
  • Students are not to take pencils, pens, etc. out of the classroom
  • Comply with appropriate dress
  • A hand up will be the building wide signal used to get students' attention
  • Students must have a hall pass unless accompanied by a teacher
  • Carrying backpacks and purses during the school day is not acceptable
  • Wearing “hoodies” during the school day is not acceptable