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Character Trait Of The Month

Our character trait for April is Courage.


Vonda Witt School Counselor

Vonda Witt School Counselor
About Your Counselor
Mrs. Vonda Witt
I am married with two grown children
Masters in Counseling form University of Central Missouri 
Ed. Specialist in Professional Counseling and Human Services from University of Central Missouri
National Board Certification in Counseling in 2014
I have been in the field of education in various capacities for 25 years

What do School Counselor's Do?
Teach Guidance Lessons to All Classrooms

Promote Second Step Counseling Curriculum
Meet with Students Individually in Individual Counseling
Small Group Counseling
Collaborate With Teachers, Staff & Parents



Reasons to meet with the School Counselor
You have a conflict with a friend
You are feeling mad, sad, scared, worried or anxious
Struggling with school work
You are being bullied
Problems at home
Just need to talk to someone